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What To Expect : Hiring an Interior Designer

Believe it or not, most people don’t have much, if any, experience working with a designer.  I’m here to tell you- THAT IS OK! Here is how the process works. 🎬 We set up an in person meeting to discuss your design needs and it gives both of us a chance to decide if we want to work together. 👯‍♀️ I’ll send a sample copy of my design contract over for you to look at. If we decide to move forward, you would put down a deposit (this fee varies, and is based on the size of the project). 💰 After I receive this we start getting to work!  Where we start is dependent upon where you are in the process.  I love being able to come on in the architectural phase so we can all meet together as a team and make sure nothing goes unnoticed. 🛠 From the architectural plans I create a list of every single item that needs to be decided on. 📜 To get started on this list we will meet with several vendors who will further educate you on options.  They usually will put together a quote for us so we can make sure we are staying in line with your budget.

I’ll create some schematics for us to review and for me to get feedback 💬 from you (you don’t have to like everything, this is just a place to get some extra direction). 🎨Some clients enjoy sharing Pinterest boards, or other visual collages they make of their dream spaces and that helps as well. 👀 During this time I will also be inputting the architect’s plan (if applicable, not all jobs require an architect) into @chiefarchitectsoftware so I can produce accurate 3D renderings 💻  of the space(s) as well as creating more technical drawings or things like tile placement, custom millwork and cabinetry.  My job primarily consists of doing this in terms of where my time is spent.🕐 After all selections are made, we make purchases and continue to meet at the job site or in the office to review progress. 👋🏻 That’s a VERY general overview of how it works, more posts to come!!👷🏻‍♀️ . . . 📷: @forestheartphoto #interiordesign #gruvercooleyinteriors #interiorinspiration #designlife #decor #homedesign #homedecor #process #interiordesigninspiration #work #forestheartphoto

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