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In the world of design and technology, some projects stand out as examples of innovation and collaboration. This new home in Clifton, Virginia beautifully marries cutting-edge technology, thoughtful design choices, and seamless collaboration between experts.


The clients’ vision was clear from the start – they wanted a new home with the latest advancements in technology as well as strong aesthetic appeal. They were particularly interested in Crestron’s whole home control technology, which promised to provide them with control over lighting, audio, security and shade, all from a single platform. They also wanted to integrate much of their existing furniture into their new home and add character through creative elements like lighting, wallcoverings and customized features.


What makes this project truly exceptional is the collaborative spirit that infused each step of the design and construction process. The Architect, Studio Z Design Concepts, Gruver Cooley’s Lead Interior Designer, Cathleen Gruver, and the Gruver Cooley Construction Team worked in close partnership with the clients to understand their vision and needs. One of the key elements of the collaboration was the Interior Designer’s role in exterior material selection, creating a seamless transition from the outside to the inside. Another unique aspect of this project was the team’s dedication to incorporating the clients’ cherished items of furniture in the layout, blending them harmoniously with newly acquired pieces.


Throughout the home, creative touches were added to enhance its character. Feature ceilings, elegant light fixtures, hidden doors, a custom kitchen ladder and stunning wallcoverings were strategically placed to leave a lasting impression on anyone who stepped inside. The primary bath became a spa-like retreat, complete with double shower and heated floors. In the basement, an entertainment haven was created, featuring an exercise room, a large wet bar, and accent brick. Crestron whole home control technology was the pinnacle of this project. With a single touch, the homeowners gained effortless control over lighting, audio, security and shade, bringing a new level of convenience and luxury to their daily living experience.


The result of this collaborative effort is a stunning residence that seamlessly blends technology, elegance, and personal touches. The clients now have a home that meets their functional needs but also brings, joy, comfort and a touch of inspiring sophistication to their everyday lives.


New Home


Fairfax, VA



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